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This game was so cute! Hope to see more from you guys in the future!

Who wouldn't want to adopt a little demon when they look that adorable! 

fun game! I had a bit of a hard time understanding how to build up the stats that let you fight or talk it out but I had fun

The game is just so adorable having to look after the little demon in the apocalypse, the animations are great and it was just so cute seeing the little demon on her back. It was a really fun short game to playthough.

What a cute lil game and what a cute lil demon. Loved this!


Very tender and wonderful story.


Thank you for giving me a big gruff butch with a heart of gold I don't often see outside fanfic, lol. The art is impressively polished for a first game, and the narrative bones are excellent- both "talk your way out of it" options felt in-character for Del and did some interesting worldbuilding. Excited to see what you guys (gender neutral) make next!


i have mixed feelings about this game. i dont mind it being short, and the story was pretty good. but it felt a little bit linear and i didnt know how long the food will last me, so i didnt eat much, which resulted in having no options is certain events. the art wasnt bad, but it looked pretty random and inconsistent (for example the interactable objects had very weird perspective). the enviroment also felt really empty without many other objects except for those with gameplay purposes, which made it a bit boring to look at after a while. but it was overall a good game, and you should be proud of it


This is a very cute game but it has one fatal flaw... after I have reached the good ending I can't bring myself to try and see the bad one. I shall not be mean to my child, sorry!

This game looks awesome. But I can't play it on my macbook pro m1 pro. It always crashes after I hit new game...

had the same issue too


This game had me grinning from ear to ear against my will the entire time. I wish there was more of it and more interactive elements / choices / consequences. But I am in love with the game, characters and world. Thank you devs!

I wanna play, but every time I click 'new game' it crashes :(


absolutely loved this game! the pixel art is beyond gorgeous and the character design is really good.


This was one of my favorite games I played in 2021 so I had to put it in my channel's 2021 recap


I hate the fact that I can't have a peaceful ending without Barrett being taken and used... Making me choke like this, tugging at my heartstrings like that... Not cool, man. Not cool. T~T


Ehh? Asked her and she chose Del. You talk harsh to her or something? She’s just a pup; be gentle and keep her well-fed. None of that alienating and demeaning “I can swear but you can’t” or “it’s for your own good” crap.

oh...i am just an asshole then...i feel bad now. T~T


I wouldn’t say that, especially if you have the empathy to feel that way about it. A lot of us got fed inane harshness and “because I said” type stuff as kids, so that’s what we reflect.

Then some of us got fed so much of that and other, worse things that we got sick of it and rejected it all, and I’m so used to being a maternal figure to people with loads and loads of trauma that a gentle touch and respectful approach is just second nature by now.




Playing this game, you can absolutely tell it was a labor of love. The environments are gorgeous, the character designs are unique, and the storytelling is fantastic. I was genuinely choked up at certain points. The plot is paced perfectly for the game's length.

I haven't been this stoked about a studio's debut in a long time, and I can't wait to see what's next from Incisor Studios!


This looks absolutely incredible


Really engaging and sweet narrative piece. Very singular aesthetic, too; I can't think of many games that look or feel quite like this!


This is definitely different from the majority of games you find these days... in a good way obviously. I rarely go ahead and buy a game I see on Youtube but this one I did, and I definitely don't regret it!

Only two things I wanted to bring up, if the developers will reads this. First of all, as a Linux user, I'd appreciate a native Linux version... especially since you appear to be using Unity which I believe can export a Linux runtime. I was able to run it okay on WINE but this can introduce glitches and slowdowns.

Other than that, I bought with the hope that it's going to be further developed and improved. I don't mind if it won't be and this was all there is, but would feel much more happy if that's your plan. This is something really good so far and I feel that good can be even further expanded upon. Thank you for reading and for creating this.


Tho this was short & in some aspects didn't have too many options when it came to paths still I love this & GOD IS BARRET ADORBLE!! 


That lil dude is comin with for sure.

Full Demo No Commentary

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I played your game, it has an amazing story, great graphics and music. I really love it. My friend and I really would like to translate your game into Turkish. Your game is promising future and we really want to work with you. If you are interested, contact us via this email address:

-Melikşah(King_Potato3) & Utku



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I started to see gameplay of this on YouTube and decided to get it myself about an hour ago and donated. I really like the style and story of it so far but I think there's a bug :/
In the search prompts that require you to press arrow keys in time it fails to register the buttons as correct- though OCCASIONALLY accepts one out of the three. At first I thought I was doing it wrong and did it more carefully but still the same problem. I wondered if I was supposed to maybe hit the OPPOSITE direction and tried that but still no. WASD wasn't accepted, either. I even tried restarting the game and the issue was still there.

The game still registered the arrow keys properly as simply walking left and right (I wasn't sure if the problem was just my keyboard) but they only didn't work for the search prompts.

Was there something I was doing wrong or is it a bug?

I really don't want it to ruin my ability to play the game properly :/


Thank you for the report! We're working on an update to fix some issues like this one, and hopefully we'll have it out in the next few weeks. I don't think you're the only one with this problem, so we definitely have something to fix here.


I love y'alls game! I really hope to see this idea realized into a full experience, really magical what you've done here. :3


Knowing that you're also giving a digital artbook too with this game, I'll gladly pay $20


I really want to play this game, but when ever I try to open it runs but  doesn't open a window. Is there something I can do.


I have the same problem no clue what to do lmao if anyone knows please inform us

Hey there! Do you think you could send us an e-mail with your system specs / the behavior of the game when you run it if you can? Just to look deeper into it and hopefully find a solution ASAP! 

Our e-mail is

Thank you, and we hope we can sort this out soon! 

Hello! That's really weird; I have a question, do you have a double monitor setup by any means? My first thought is that it's running but in a different monitor than it should be running in.

Aside from that, do you think you could send us an e-mail with system specs at We'll look into it!

Thank you, and I hope it gets sorted out soon; we'll do the best we can to help!

I've sent an email


I just watched Manly’s playthrough of this and i just wanna say i love it so much!! <33

Thank you so much!! :"-)

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Y'all got a lot of potential, just don't forget to market the fuck dagnabbit up. 

It would be a shame to see another game with this much heart behind it fail to come out of the woodwork in full swing.

~Heartwarming game tho 👌👌👌

I came here from watching ManlyBadassHero, and will there be a novel or is there a novel about this?

Hi, thanks for the interest! There's currently not any plans for a novelization, no.

I see I see

Haha: He's the one that brought me to this game too and I then decided to get it.

I've got a weird problem when trying to play this game. When I first downloaded it, everything worked fine. But the moment I actually hit "New Game" the game crashed and deleted the exe. When I tried to extract it again, everything but the Windows exe was extracted. Even the Macosx exe file. The Windows file simply says that "Access is Denied" even after redownloading.

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Hmm, this is really weird-- we'd never heard of a bug like this. I'll be looking from my side and keep you updated if I find something, but my first instinct is to wonder if maybe your anti-virus is identifying the game as dangerous? That may be the case, especially considering we don't really have a digital signature for software or something of the sort. Maybe your AV has a history function that lets you see that?

Let us know, even if not, I'll be looking for an answer and let you know if I find anything :)

I still have no idea what caused the problem in the first place, but I think I got it to work now? I tried extracting to something other than the default folder and after a brief test there hasn't been a crash. 

That sounds like an issue with your antivirus, I've had that happen before lol.


I came here from watching a video from the YouTuber ManlyBadassHero and was wondering if you have plans for a sequel?

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Hey there, thank you! Right now, while there is an established idea of what the sequel would be, we do not have any dates of production or anything. We're focusing on the game's Steam release and our next project, so be on the look out for that.

Thank you for asking, and we hope you enjoy Fostering Apocalypse!

Looks amazing! Are you planning for a mobile release too?


We aren't currently, but we may make future games available for mobile!

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Dooope game! The art style is so unique, really pulling you into this stylized post-apocalyptic world. I also appreciate that you're allowing us all to experience this game for free. If only it were longer, gah! I could genuinely play a full game or even read a comic with Del and Barrett. 

Here's a link to my full playthrough, it was such a cool but short experience. Thanks for creating such a cute game!


Thank you so much for the video, you were so kind!! We're so glad you liked it and we really enjoyed the video!

Fun fact: the idea for Fostering Apocalypse started off as a comic!


Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and keep up the great work!

This is a great video format! Hearing your thoughts halfway through was a really interesting take and it's great to get your first thoughts and expectations for the story before it's finished. Thanks so much for the video!


Interesting little game. I think this is probably the closest thing to what you get when you  cross Hellboy (demon-like main character), Mad Max (apocalyptic environment)  and The Mandalorian (fostering a non-human child).

While it's a bit too linear (the vast majority of the game is pressing a button to continue) - therefore it's rather an interactive, half-animated comic novel - as a debut project it certainly is pretty good and has some fun ideas! Right now it kinda feels like a project made for a game jam which would definitely be worth to expand. I hope you'll decide to do that. Keep it up! :)


Thanks so much for your feedback! While we don't have any plans to expand on Fostering Apocalypse much more as a narrative, your support and encouragement will definitely inspire us in future projects! :-)

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what a great game! I really like the art style, it's super nostalgic. I also made some fanart of Barret so there's that too. :p


WOW thank you so much for the art!!! she looks so cute !!!!


thanks! If you need any illustrations I'm willing to do that free of charge. Idk how useful that'll be to you but it's the least I can do. Thanks again for putting out such an awesome game, I really liked the dynamic between Del and Barret, it's very well written for a short game.


Absolutely adorable. No wonder they melted Del's heart.

Now that is super cute and I'd give it infinite head pats.

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this was fun! love the little demon. 


We're glad you had a good time with Del & Barrett! :-)


This game is a master piece! mic drop

Thank you so much!

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